The Beginning of a Milestone in Creative Art

We are affecting the Ridgewood area and New York in general in some meaningful artistic endeavors for whoever has taste for aesthetics, and wants to participate in art making. Everybody is artistically talented to a certain degree, but it needs development. Here is your chance to polish your artistic talent in an affordable and friendly learning environment. It’s lots of fun while you learn to satisfy your curiosity. There is no age limit.

Courses Offered at the BM Pottery Studio

For all courses: Adult – $230/6 week session, Kids – $200/6 week session

Wheel Throwing

Building Technique

Glazing and Firing



Call for information/reservation or visit the studio

(718) 374-4867 or (718) 366- 2330

BM Pottery Studio

1702 Gates Avenue, Ridgewood, NY, United States
Corner of Gates and Cypress Avenues