Important: This is an ongoing program, therefore, students are attended to at random by the teacher, whenever students need technical support. In other words, students won’t be doing the same assignment at the same time, except if they signed up and started the course at the same time.

Classes Offered at BM Pottery Studio

Visual Art/Ceramics/Pottery Classes

  • Feel it out (clay work).

    You need to touch, use and experience it to satisfy your curiosity and have lots of fun.

Wheel Throwing Classes

You can make plates, bowls, cups, vases etc.

  • All levels

    Basic skills are foremost for beginners, while intermediate students develop and polish their skills through creativity and practice.

  • Intermediate/Advanced

    Individual styles are developed while learning to create more complex forms: distorted forms, varied platters, large wares, diversified surfaces and lids.

Handbuilding Classes

You create coil, pinch, and slab wares or sculpture.

  • All levels

    Beginners learn new skills, while Intermediate and Advanced students develop and refine their more complex ideas and skills through practice.

  • Glaze Classes

    To learn application and mixing glazes, please bring the following requirements: small lidded plastic containers, masking tape, waterproof marker, notebook, dust mask and apron.

  • Independent Study

    This is a time for advanced student individual research for advancement, non-instructional every weekday.

  • Student Bench-time

    Currently enrolled students can secure a bench-time for $5/visit or $50 for unlimited visits.

  • Private Parties/Workshops

    Come celebrate your birthday or happy days with friends, family or co-workers in a creative environment.

Drawing Classes

Beginners learn the basics of the elements of art, and the principles of design. Then they will explore still life, figure and landscape drawing from observation and/or imagination.

Intermediate and Advanced students develop and improve their knowledge of the elements of art, and the principles of design while working toward establishing their own individual styles in drawing.

Painting Classes

You paint from imagination or observation. Themes range from: Still life, figure, landscape, and abstract for all.

Beginners learn color theory and execute simple paintings in various painting and coloring media. They explore and utilize the elements of art and the principles of design to become versed and proficient technique-wise in the use of the various painting and coloring media.

Important Information

Call for information/reservation or visit the studio

(718) 374-4867 or (718) 366- 2330