Gallery Shows & Sales.

The BM Pottery Gallery is designed to promote art shows and sales for artists whose works are selected by the Board of Directors of the Art School. Group shows would be encouraged as well as one-man show-case based on high performance during the School’s Art Contest. Artist works would be on sale in the gallery with a 40% commission for the gallery. Eat, paint, and sell.

Birthday Parties

Experience the joy of creating art with members of your family and friends or co-workers in a friendly and artistic atmosphere while celebrating your happy moment in life. BM Pottery Studio is a place where every one can search his or her inner self and compose wonderful visual stories in various artistic media. We provide space and art supplies only for the occasion. You provide your own food/snacks, beverages and wipes. You do your own cleaning after the party and it will be highly appreciated if the party members could show some respect for the gallery vicinity. Party fee is fully paid before commencement of the occasion.

Art Contests

Art contests will be organized by the BM Pottery Studio to help improve the quality and standard of art generally in this area and beyond. Artists will have the opportunity to compete and possibly win prizes and awards. Selected winners will have the privilege of participating in group-shows while the very best will be showcased in a one-man exhibition. Participation will be base on slight entry fee to enable the gallery promote contests and shows.

Art Supplies Sale

BM Pottery Studies has its own small store where slight art supplies are currently sold in order to make life easy for its students who need to buy supplies. There is a possibility for an immediate future expansion of the store. Please stay tuned for more on this.

Call for information/reservation or visit the studio

(718) 374-4867 or (718) 366- 2330